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Toni Stone

May 17 - June 16, 2024

An Original Play

Written and Directed by Lydia R. Diamond (Stick Fly, Smart People, The Bluest Eye at the Huntington)

Inspired by Curveball: The Remarkable True Story of Toni Stone by Martha Ackmann

TONI STONE is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

The Huntington Theatre
264 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115

Approximate run time: TBD.

Content advisory: TBD.

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Toni Stone is an ace ballplayer who knows her stats, plus she’s got a great arm. Rejected by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League because of her race, she becomes the first woman to play professional baseball on a man’s team in the Negro Leagues, shattering expectations and creating her own set of rules. Filled with humor and the love of the game, Huntington favorite Lydia R. Diamond knocks it out of the park with this beautiful, rich portrait of a trailblazing woman. Play ball!