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Content Advisories

If you have a question about age appropriateness, please call Ticketing Services for a conversation: 617-266-0800

Content advisories are written notices for our shows to let interested patrons know that a show may contain sensitive content ahead of time. These notices flag specific themes that may be upsetting so our patrons can adequately prepare themselves to engage with or, if necessary, disengage from the material.   

Content advisories can be useful for all patrons, but especially parents with children, people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and folks with noise sensitivity. 

Our content advisories are focused around the levels to which certain themes are present in the text and staging of the play. The terms we use are: 

  • Discussion: characters onstage discuss this subject in some detail. 
  • Depiction: an act that is simulated by a character onstage in a realistic way. 
  • Mentions: a brief reference or remark 

Content advisories for individual shows can be found below or by navigating to the show’s informational page and clicking the Content Advisory button in the upper right corner.