Huntington Playwriting Fellows Application Process

To be eligible, writers must be live at least nine months of the 12-month calendar year in the Greater Boston area. Meetings will be held monthly, with some deference to writers’ schedules and production commitments. As we desire participants who can take full advantage of the program, all conflicts that will require applicants to leave the Boston area for an extended period of time, such as upcoming residencies or productions, will be included in consideration of an application, but do not preclude applying. Please contact us with any specific residency situations or questions.

Writers have been admitted at all career stages, from unproduced to veteran; we believe a strength of the program is intergenerational dialogue between working playwrights.

Admission to the program is based on the strength of the writer’s voice and theatrical vision, along with an alignment between the writer’s current goals and the Huntington’s ability to work in service of those goals.

Having an agent or manager is of no consideration in the application process.

To apply, please submit the following via email to no later than 11:59PM on Thursday, December 13, 2018. Early submissions are encouraged, and submissions are read roughly in the order they are received.

  • Application form with all information provided, including references
  • Professional resume – Please list all productions, residencies, readings, publications, professional affiliations, and other theatre background. If you work outside of theatre and/or the arts, we’d be interested to know that as well. 
  • One-page artistic statement. Your one-page essay should be your succinct statement of why you are interested in participating in the Huntington Playwriting Fellows program. It may touch on any or all of the following questions:
    • What goals would you set for yourself during your residency at the Huntington, and how do these fit with your larger personal goals as an artist?
    • How would the HPF program contribute to your growth as an artist?
    • Why the Huntington?
    • What would your expectations be?
    • In light of the fact that the fellows program is primarily a writers’ collective, what sparks your interest in participating in one (or if you have before, what will you gain that is new)?
  • One completed, full-length play. Send us the play you have finished most recently. It is more useful to send a play that it is on its first or second draft than a play that you have been working on for several years. If this play is markedly different in tone, style, genre, or voice than your overall body of work, you are welcome to include a short paragraph contextualizing this play in conversation with prior work. Please do not send work that has been considered for prior application cycles of the HPF program, even if it has undergone revision. It is more productive for us to discover a new side of your voice than to learn about your ability to revise.



A note to out-of-state applicants:

The playwriting fellowship is designed for applicants who currently make their artistic home in the Greater Boston area (or within commuting distance: Providence, western Massachusetts, etc). It is built around creating and deepening long-term artistic relationships with playwrights in the community, and would be a poor fit for someone who was considering relocating solely on the basis of the fellowship. We discourage applications from playwrights who do not currently live in the area, and a lack of transparency regarding your residency status may compromise your long-term relationship to the theatre.

We have at times accepted materials from playwrights who have pre-existing plans to relocate in the next six months regardless of the outcome of their application, but suggest you contact us in advance of sending your application.


Timeline for application decisions:

October — December: Open applications
January — February: Reading
February — March: Interviews
April: Applicants notified of decisions 

This timeline is subject to change, and may be updated during the process.

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