Sherlock's Last Case Curtain Calls

Name: Rufus Collins

Role: Sherlock Holmes

Hometown: New York City. I was born and raised in Manhattan but I currently livein Brooklyn.

How are you like your character?
I am observant like [Sherlock] as well as curious, studious, vigilant, self-dramatizing, and obsessive.

What is you favorite Sherlock story?
I love A Study in Scarlet, the first work in which Holmes and Watson appear. Like most of the stories, it is written in Watson’s voice. Watson describes meeting Holmes and taking rooms with him at a 221B Baker Street. It is the origin story of their relationship and the establishment of the headquarters from which their legendary adventures unfold.

What myster would you like to solve?
The mystery of Shakespeare’s genius has been investigated for centuries. I firmly believe that he was the “Man from Stratford” but settling that dispute once and for all would be deeply satisfying.

Malcolm Ingram

Role: Inspector Lestrade

Hometown: Gloucester, Massachusetts

How are you like your character?
Desperate insecurity is not unfamiliar to me, and I have been known to have my officious moments.

Would you say you are more of a Sherlock or Watson?
More like Watson I think. I’m perhaps more empathetic and certainly less analytically brilliant than Sherlock.

What is the best adventure you've ever been on?
I was 18 and on a hiking trip in Norway with three friends. We’d been walking and camping for a couple of weeks, and in order to reach a particular village we had to embark on a journey through the mountains. The walking became more difficult, and at one point our only option to go forward was to negotiate a narrow, outward sloping, very slippery ledge. I had 80 lbs on my back and there was a drop of hundreds of feet below. I grabbed the rock face with my hands and started to work my way across. I remember the fear, but panicking wasn’t really an option. The only thing to do was to stayin the moment and inch my way, very slowly across, which I did. Two days later we reached the village and were told that the Red Cross had been sending out search parties for us.

Jane Ridley

Role: Mrs. Hudson

Hometown: I was born in Orpington, Kentin the United Kingdom. My family moved all over the South East of London in my early years except for the two years we lived in the United States when I was eight and nine. Perhaps that is how this country got into my bones.

How are you like your character?
Mrs. Hudson is a wonderful example of the typical landlady who goes above and beyond her job description. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote somewhat different versions of her in each of the stories and Charles Marowitz gives us a Scottish woman with a wry sense of humor, atendency to speak her mind, and a true fondness for her eccentric lodger/employer. I have occasionally been known to get myself in hot water through speaking my mind, I have a tremendous fondness for “interesting” people, and I believe I share her wry sense of humor.

What is your favorite Sherlock story?
I rather like“The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.” The device of the mistaken goose gives plenty of opportunity for Sherlock’s powers of deduction combined with good, old fashioned detective work.

Antoinette Robinson

Role: Liza Moriarty

Hometown: My lovely hometown isPflugerville, Texas (The 'pf' gets peopleEVERY time!)

How are you like your character?
I hope I am as clever and quick as the characterI play! It truly is enviable.

What is your favorite Sherlock story?
The Hound of theBaskervilles. Hands down. I’ve read it more than any other and itdelivers EVERY time.

What is the best adventure you've ever been on?
I LOVE to hike. And was taken — in the middle of fall — to awonderful park called Wissahickon. At every turn there wassomething to fall in love with. The colors of the leaves, the sky, thecrisp fall air, the sound of trickling brooks. Ah! I fell in love that dayand thus began one of the best adventures I’ve been on to date.

Mark Zeisler

Role: Dr. Watson

Hometown: I was born in New York City and raised for the most part in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

How are you like your character?
I’m a very good “wingman.”

What is the best adventure you've ever been on?
I was an avid hitchhiker in my teenage years and travelled all overthe country.

What is your favorite classic novel?
Two of my favorite classics are The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

What mystery would you like to solve?
I would like to get the questions to the JFK assassination finally resolved.

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