Bedroom Farce Curtain Calls

Patricia HodgesName: Patricia Hodges

Role: Delia

Hometown: I was born in Puyallup, Washington, raised in the Northwest, currently living in NY and the Hudson Valley.

How are you like/not like your character? I love Delia. We are both very tall. We are both very verbal and we are both in long term relationships.  

What is your relationship advice for your character? I have no advice for Delia. I think she's doing fine.

What does Bedroom Farce tell us about relationships? Bedroom Farce shows relationships are driven by many things: sexual attraction, a need for drama, a willingness to form alliances and arrive at a balance, finally, with someone else.

My perfect 24 hours would be? A perfect 24 hours includes trees, water, walking, movies, laughter, a healthy mix of solitude and companionship. 

Mahira KakkarName: Mahira Kakkar

Role: Jan

Hometown: I was born in Kolkata, India but really consider New York my home.

How are you like/not like your character? In some ways Jan is quite no nonsense and practical and can't quite deal with her husband's perceived whining. I can be practical but have been known to get lost in day dreams. I also feel really guilty leaving my partner alone if he's feeling the slightest bit unwell. 

What is your most comical relationship woe? My partner says I like to hand him things- with no explanation. 

What is your relationship advice for your character? I'm not sure I have any. Hmm~ don't let your ex sleep on your couch? Don't kiss your ex? Trouble will ensue- guaranteed. But then- were she to follow my advice, there wouldn't be a play...

What does Bedroom Farce tell us about relationships? That from the outside all dramas seem absurd. And that nobody can gauge the inside of other peoples relationships (I am misquoting Wendell Berry here)

My perfect 24 hours would be? Lots of sleep, a great, rejuvenating yoga class, a massage, rehearsal, dinner with my partner and friends and a poetry show.


Malcom IngramName: Malcolm Ingram

Role: Ernest

Hometown: My home town is Syracuse NY.

How are you like/not like your character? I am like Ernest in that I get great satisfaction from seeing everything in its place. I share his naive enthusiasm about things I like. I still have my childhood stamp collection, (although I haven't added to it, or barely looked at it since I was a child.) I am unlike Ernest in that I don't think I share his sense of certainty about everything, and I do have more of a sense of humor than him. I play a lot of different roles so it’s multiple personality time for me – much like I am in life actually.

What is your relationship advice for your character? My advice to Ernest would be to have some fun occasionally. Take her out for a nice evening.

What does Bedroom Farce tell us about relationships? I think we learn that people should think more about other people than themselves.


Karl MillerName: Karl Miller

Role: Trevor

Hometown: My family moved all over the Midwest, from Detroit, to Cleveland, to Canton, to Des Moines. Apart from Cleveland, I love them all dearly but none really qualify as a hometown. If you're from the East Coast, you stopped reading at "Midwest" anyway, so let's just say I was found in a basket on the church steps. 

How are you like/not like your character? On a handful of occasions I would really like to forget, I have been cringingly oblivious to the mood of the room. But I have lived to share the cringe, which makes me one notch more conscious than Trevor.  

What is your most comical relationship woe? As a teenager, I took up the bass violin because I had a crush on a viola player. She was brilliant but I was so bad they made me rehearse in the storage room for a solid year. I finally worked up the courage to ask her to a New Year's party and she declined because she had to perform at the Des Moines Symphony Gala that particular night. But we've all heard that excuse, right fellas? At midnight, I resolved to give up both pursuits and failed by February when our debate team made chocolate roses to sell as Valentine's gifts. We delivered them in class for optimal blushing. I sent one anonymously to the viola player but, being a selfish coward, I wanted to be the one to deliver it. I was so nervous, even under cover of anonymity, that the chocolate rose in my hand melted into a kind of chocolate prawn. She was too puzzled by the sight to blush at all. And I, representing our well-trophied speech and debate team, deftly mumbled my way out the door. Thus began a long and enduring career of falling for women way smarter than me and failing to find the boundary between seduction and confusion.

What is your relationship advice for your character? Find a polyamorous commune. It may just be the only safe ecosystem for Trevor.  At least the dithering and self-absorption would be consensual.

What does Bedroom Farce tell us about relationships? There's an old Yiddish proverb that escapes me, but my sloppy goyish recollection is: "If you don't live under the bed, you can't judge the relationship." I think that's wise. But I also think some couples are just as doomed as they appear to be and Bedroom Farce revels in both truths.

My perfect 24 hours would be? Goethe said "A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful." To that I would add: Sweat  Create. Dine. Drink.  Friends. Family. Play. Travel and Nature. Some harmonic dose of those dozen things makes a day.

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