A CELEBRATION! Exuberant! Perfection! Strong performances enacted with delicacy and precision. Craig Lucas urges us to celebrate life and love; Director Peter DuBois shows us how it's done. The Boston Globe
Funny, magical, and moving!" New York Times

A whirlwind romance. A storybook wedding. A kiss for the bride that suddenly changes everything. Craig Lucas (The Light in the PiazzaLongtime Companion) explores the enduring power of love and the nature of commitment in this breathtaking and life-affirming comedy directed by Artistic Director Peter DuBois.


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  • Craig Lucas: Master of Contemporary Drama

    From playing one of the Demon Barber’s first victims in the original Broadway production of Sweeney Todd to becoming an acclaimed American dramatist, Craig Lucas has charted a remarkable path in the theatre.


  • Prelude to a Kiss: Through the Years

    When Prelude to a Kiss first opened on Broadway, it was 1990. The Cold War was ending, the first Gulf War was just beginning, and Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster Prison after twenty-seven years.


  • Consider the Metaphor

    “Saying a thing is or is like something-it-is-not is a mental operation as old as philosophy and poetry, and the spawning ground of most kinds of understanding, including scientific understanding, and expressiveness.” — Susan Sontag, AIDS and its Metaphors


  • The Craig Lucas Collection

    Theatre companies consider themselves lucky if a play being produced is by a playwright who is alive, accessible, and encouraging. The Huntington Theatre Company is especially fortunate for, in addition to Artistic Director Peter DuBois’ ongoing collaborative relationship with Prelude to a Kiss playwright Craig Lucas, members of the Artistic Department can explore the Craig Lucas Collection at Boston University’s Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center


  • Craig Lucas: Leaving Your Artistic Legacy

    The following is a commencement address Craig Lucas delivered to the graduates of the Boston University College of Fine Arts in 2008.


  • The Look of Love: The Designers of Prelude to a Kiss

    A play begins with one man putting words on a page. But without others, the story would remain there. To fully come to life a play needs actors, designers, directors, stage managers, and many many others. The talented designers behind Prelude to a Kiss are the ones who make the words on the page leap to life for the audience to see and hear.


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"A CELEBRATION! Exuberant! Perfection! Strong performances enacted with delicacy and precision. Craig Lucas urges us to celebrate life and love; Director Peter DuBois shows us how it's done." — The Boston Globe
"MAGICAL! A witty and powerful romantic fairy tale featuring charming performances. You will be moved!" — Boston Hearald
"SOME ENCHANTED EVENING! Director Peter DuBois has conjured up an adult fairy tale, a sweet dream, a romantic comedy with a supernatural twist that will make some swoon." — The Patriot Ledger
"I LOVED THIS PLAY! The questions that Mr. Lucas addresses are timeless ones. He has written a play that propels the audience through hairpin emotional turns, some soaring heavenward and others plummeting toward earth, until one is deposited at the final curtain in a winded and teary yet exhilarating state. — Frank Rich, The New York Times
"An intimate and extremely delicate work. Lucas's exquisite writing spins out sentiments that could be treacle in other hands, in a scenario that might just as easily have dissolved into contrived whimsy. But there's an anchoring sincerity that makes you believe." Variety
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  • Switching Souls, Testing Vows

    From BU Today, May 21, 2010: "For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.' Those vows take on a whole new significance in Craig Lucas' Prelude to a Kiss, the current production of the Huntington Theatre Company. . . "
  • His past, his Prelude

    From The Boston Globe, May 14, 2010: "Actor MacIntyre Dixon was born during the Great Depression and has lived long enough to appear in a Jack Black movie. . . "


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