"Hilarious! Hugely entertaining! For Carrie Fisher, laughter is indeed the best medicine!" — The Boston Globe

Don't miss Hollywood legend Carrie Fisher's recounting of a true and intoxicating tale, told with the same wry wit she poured into bestsellers like Postcards from the Edge. Born to celebrity parents Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, this Tinseltown toddler lands among the stars when she's cast in a little movie called Star Wars. But it isn't all sweetness and light sabers: as a single mom, she also battles addiction, depression, mental institutions, and that awful hyperspace hairdo. Fisher's tale is a tabloid vivant The Los Angeles Times calls a "Beverly Hills yard sale of juicy anecdotes." Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking is an uproarious look at a Hollywood hangover and a chance to get "Carried" away!


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  • Princess Leia Takes Charge

    From EDGE Boston, Jun. 2, 2009: "Two years ago she attempted something completely different -- a solo show she describes as 'an embarrassing intimate account of my all too eventful life'. . . . "
  • 'Star Wars' A Galaxy Away in Carrie Fisher's Show

    From Boston Herald, Oct. 6, 2008: "When Carrie Fisher says she’s seen it all, she isn’t kidding. Born into Tinseltown royalty (the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds), she achieved instant celebrity in the ’70s as a certain be-bunned princess in the original “Star Wars” films. She’s been romantically linked with the likes of Paul Simon and Dan Aykroyd, penned four novels and is one of Hollywood’s top script doctors. . . . "
  • 'I'm Pretty Sane About My Insanity'

    From The Boston Globe, Oct. 5, 2008: "Back in a temporary apartment after performing her one-woman show "Wishful Drinking," Carrie Fisher slides into bed with a pack of smokes. She asks a reporter to join her for a little honest conversation. . . . "
  • Carrie Fisher Turns Painful Life Into One-Woman Show Wishful Drinking

    From The Patriot Ledger, Oct. 2, 2008: "People who think about such things trace Carrie Fisher’s career from her breakthrough performance as Princess Leia, the no-nonsense lady with the ear-muff hairdo in "Star Wars" who helped Harrison Ford vanquish the villains of the galaxy. . . . "


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