The Huntington presents the world premire of a specially-commissioned adaptation of this classic Boston political novel. Frank Skeffington is a veteran politician — a gifted orator and a master crowd psychologist — familiar with big-city unions, ethnic interest groups, media personalities, and vengeance-thirsty enemies. It's 1955, and the 73-year-old lion and his cigar-chomping cronies are in the midst of his final election campaign, confident of another victory — until his enemies conspire to groom a cardboard candidate to oppose him with a new strategy: television.

Based on the life of legendary four-time Boston mayor James Michael Curley, one of the most colorful big-city bosses of the 20th century.


  • Michael BallFrank Skeffington
  • Kyle FabelAdam Caulfield
  • Kari McGeeMaeve Caulfield
  • Edmond GenestJohn Gorman
  • Ken BaltinSam Weinberg
  • Paul KerryDitto Boland / Timsy / Radio Announcer
  • Larry PaulsenBurbank / Singer / Johnnie Degnan
  • Keith PerryAmos Force / Doctor
  • Baxter HarrisNorman Cass, Sr. / Denny / Cabbie
  • William LanganNorman Cass, Jr. / Kevin McCluskey
  • Munson HicksRoger Sugrue / Mother Garvey
  • Frank RaiterCharlie Hennessey / Priest
  • David EiduksCitronella / Fred Bulger
  • John P. ArnoldFrances Jr. / TV Director
  • Sheila FerriniMrs. Santagata / Molly / Gertrude
  • Brooke HardmanAlice / Margaret / Katie
  • Mike HylandNed / Musician / Ensemble
  • Brendan BulgerMusician / Ensemble
  • Evan HarlanMusician / Ensemble
  • Eliza Rose FichterRose
  • Morgan NevinsRose (alternate)
  • Kristin AceEnsemble
  • Stephen RussellEnsemble
  • James WolkScenic Design
  • Karin KopischkeCostume Design
  • Donald HolderLighting Design
  • Mitch GreenhillMusical Direction / Sound Design

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