"How are you my dear Ernest? What brings you to town?"

"Oh, pleasure, pleasure! What else would bring anyone anywhere?"

Forget the chilling winds of winter! Warm yourself the sounds of laughter as this "trivial comedy for serious people" dazzles you with its display of wordplay and wit. The Importance of Being Earnest is Wilde's delicious exposé of what truly matters in polite victorian society, where appearances, gamesmanship, and bank accounts rule the day.

In this tangled comedy of manners, Jack Worthing has crafted for himself a convenient double life by inventing an imaginary brother named Ernest. "Ernest" lives in London and is rather a troublemaker, giving Jack plenty of excuses for his frequent exits from the genteel constraints of country life.

But things get more complicated when Jack, disguised as Ernest, falls in love with Gwendolen, daughter of the overbearing Lady Bracknell. Lady Bracknell is not interested in Gwendolen's romantic fantasies, only in her daughter's social standing, which "Ernest" decidedly does not enhance. For her part, Gwendolen has always dreamed of marrying someone with the name of "Ernest," but could never consider marrying someone whose name is really "Jack."

What's in a name? Find out by joining us for one of the most perfect comedies ever written!


  • Bill MondyAlergnon Moncrieff
  • Munson HicksLane
  • Terrence CazaJack Worthing
  • Fiona ReidLady Bracknell
  • Kathleen McNennyGwendolen Fairfax
  • Katy SelverstoneCecily Cardew
  • Patricia FraserMiss Prism
  • Philip PleasantsCanon Chasuble
  • George EdeMerriman
  • Oscar WildePlaywright
  • Jacques CartierDirector
  • David MurinCostume Design
  • Roger MeekerLighting Design

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