Molière's supreme satire of religious hypocrisy is the definitive comic portrayal of an unscrupulous preacher.

With sanctimonious swingling, Tartuffe gains the confidence and affection of Orgon, a typical family man. While preying on the gullible inhabitants of his household, Tartuffe attempts to seduce Orgon's wife, seeks the hand in marriage and dowry of his daughter, and attains legal control of his victim's wealth. Tartuffe's seld-deluded followers are relentlessly conned while he pursues his lust and greed. It's the kind of play that certain contemporary evangelists might take personally.

Richard Wilbur's celebrated translation sparkles brilliantly in this timeless classic directed by Elliot Norton Award winner Jacques Cartier.


  • Moliere Playwright Moliere Playwright
  • Louis TurenneOrgon
  • Joan McMurtreyElmire
  • Etain O'MalleyMadame Pernelle
  • Linda KatesFlipote
  • Tara SteinbergMariane
  • David AdkinsDamis
  • Munson HicksCleante
  • Monti SharpValère
  • Laurie WaltersDorine
  • John VickeryTartuffe
  • Earle EdgertonMonsieur Loyal
  • James BodgeKing's Officer
  • Steven F. AndersonKing's Soldier / servant
  • Liam VincentKing's Soldier / servant
  • Richard WilburTranslator
  • Jacques CartierDirector
  • Hugh LandwehrScenic Design
  • John FalabellaCostume Design
  • Roger MeekerLighting Design

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