The basic plot of the play follows the adventures of three Victorian women explorers into what they believe to be Terra Incognita, a new, unexplored land. The three are from very different exploration backgrounds but all exhibit their own form of independence. From the world in general and specifically men. The three together discuss many aspects of their pasts in exploring, with Mary and Fanny frequently trying to outdo each other. As the ladies progress on their travels it becomes apparent that they are not on an ordinary journey. 


  • Roberta MaxwellMary
  • Cristine RoseFanny
  • Julie WhiteAlexandra
  • AC WearyThe Others
  • Eric OvermyerPlaywright
  • Franco ColavecchiaScenic Design
  • Lindsay DavisCostume Design
  • Jackie ManasseeLighting Design
  • Louis RosenOriginal Music
  • Martha BowersChoreography

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