In the winter of 1911-12, five Englishmen and five Norwegians raced each other to the bottom of the Earth. Only the Norwegians returned. Terra Nova is the story of Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole. The discovery that Amundsen has preceded him, the bravery and sufferings of his team, the self-sacrifice of Captain Oates and the final tragedy, are recounted in a mixture of fantasy and realism which underlines both the human and the epic qualities of the adventure.


  • James A. StephensScott
  • Stephen MarkleAmundsen
  • Jean McNallyKathleen
  • Seán G. GriffinBowers
  • Eberle ThomasWilson
  • Doug StenderOates
  • Robert BurnsEvans
  • Ted TallyPlaywright
  • Michael MurrayDirector
  • Karl EigstiScenic Design
  • Spencer MosseLighting Design
  • Peter SullivanSound Design

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