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Un verano en Egleston Square

For everyone else, it’s the intersection of Washington and School. But for many, it’s the intersection of our cultures – the paved American streets filled with Caribbean passion. But is Julissa’s vision for the neighborhood too much, too soon? Quién sabe. What you do know is, you have errands to run before you head up to the festival, too.
by Jecenia Figueroa
Directed by Veronica Wells
Sound Design: Owen Meadows
Sound Engineer: Kai Bohlman
Line Producer: Carla Mirabal Rodríguez
Assistant Line Producer: Donovan Holt
Artistic Co-Producer: Armando Rivera, Teatro Chelsea
Yaritsa Sanchez as Mikaela Ortiz
Chantie Parrilla as Julissa Diaz
Carla Mirabal Rodriguez as la Doña
Armando Rivera as el Tigre

Un verano en Egleston Square

Meet the Cast & Creatives


Yaritsa Sanchez

Mikaela Ortiz

Chantie Parrilla

Julissa Diaz

Carla Mirabal Rodríguez

la Doña

Armando Rivera

el Tigre


Jecenia Figueroa


Veronica Wells


Owen Meadows

Sound Designer

Kai Bohlman

Sound Engineer