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Sunday Swings an Old-New Gospel

How are we giving our beloved their flowers, and speaking toward their futurity, in abundance? Where does our attention go when we face millennia-old violence? What does care for our yester/today/tomorrow selves taste like? In this 8-minute spell spanning centuries, twin flames Buwan and Xena reunite over a public kitchen, battle horns, and the eternal songs of kindred, as they live into the forever we deserve together.
Special thanks to DZIDZOR for the use of her song “Getoutchoohead/Get Out Yo Head”.
by Micah Rose
Directed by Des Bennett
Sound Design: Owen Meadows
Sound Engineer: Julie Beaulieu
Line Producer: Carla Mirabal Rodríguez
Assistant Line Producer: Donovan Holt
Maurice Palmer as Xena
Jupiter Lê as Buwan

Sunday Swings an Old-New Gospel

Meet the Cast & Creatives


Maurice "Meaux" Palmer


Jupiter Lê



Micah Rose


Des Bennett


Owen Meadows

Sound Designer

Julie Beaulieu

Sound Engineer