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Campaign for The New Huntington

The Huntington is embracing dramatic change.

We are transforming our historic home on the Avenue of the Arts to increase our capacity for meaningful people-to-people engagement and the vibrant exchange of ideas through performance, programs, and collaboration.

To accomplish this vital goal, we are embarking on a phased approach to first restore the luster of The Huntington Theatre, an architectural treasure built in 1925 as the nation’s first nonprofit playhouse, transforming this iconic and storied venue, and embracing a bold vision for the future. We are renovating, updating, and upgrading the theatre in Phase I, to enhance the audience experience, and create state-of-the-art backstage and technical facilities.

In Phase II, we will expand into a new contemporary wing that will serve as a central, welcoming public space. This modern two-story 14,000 square-foot extension of The Huntington will offer flexible performance areas, as well as audience amenities of ticketing, a café, balcony, bar, and event facilities and feature a sleek, new convening space, Boston’s Living Room.

The Huntington’s renovation and expansion will provide Greater Boston a welcoming cultural center that nurtures bold, diverse thinking, fosters artistic encounters to enrich us as individuals and meaningful interactions to strengthen us as a community. Our new Huntington Theatre complex will be an inspiring and open location for theatre, education, creative thought, and social connection: a hive of activity, a theatre home for all in Boston and beyond.

Our Investment – $120 million

Building, Restoring, and Expanding

Phase I

Restoring and updating the historic architecture of The Huntington Theatre, a nearly century-old venue urgently in need of care:

  • Improving seating, sightlines, and acoustics
  • Integrating modern amenities for audience comfort
  • Utilizing Universal Design, providing accessibility throughout the venue
  • Creating new community convening spaces
  • Updating backstage and behind-the-scenes to incorporate contemporary theatrical technology
  • Recreating striking historic architectural features


Phase II

Creating a dynamic 14,000 square-foot, multi-story audience engagement center, visible from the street, that will incorporate:

  • Fully accessible new grand entrance
  • Box Office and Patron Amenities and Services
  • Café — open daily to the public
  • Expansive second floor “living room” that converts to an intimate performance and event venue
  • Second floor balcony overlooking Huntington Avenue


Growing Capacity

  • Expanding our theatrical scope, on and beyond the stage
  • Broadening and deepening our education and community programs
  • Establishing dedicated teaching and learning spaces
  • Implementing institutional changes to increase equity, diversity, inclusion, and access in all areas of our company culture



Sustainable Design

  • Proposed design reduces current energy use by 70%
  • 80% of energy will come from renewable sources driven by Clean Power Grid;
  • 20% is designed to be replaced when technology is available
  • New plumbing fixtures reduces potable water consumption by 30%


Ensuring Our Future

  • Increasing our endowment to safeguard our future
  • Expanding artistic capacity and maintaining our facilities
  • Operating with long-term sustainability


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Theatre rendering courtesy of Bruner/Cott & Associates