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Everything changed after the Flood left most of Revere underwater. Well, everything except being a father. Maribel has grown up in a world where trains and cars have been replaced by boats and Henry is starting to notice a look in his daughter’s eyes. The same look he had when he was outgrowing his home. As the two go out to celebrate Maribel’s birthday, Henry has to find the right words to let his daughter know he isn’t afraid of her growing up.
by Andrew Siañez-de la O
Directed by Melinda Lopez
Sound Design: Aubrey Dube
Sound Engineer: Julie Beaulieu
Line Producer: Carla Mirabal Rodríguez
Assistant Line Producer: Donovan Holt
Artistic Co-Producer: Armando Rivera, Teatro Chelsea
Luz Lopez as Maribel
Cristhian Mancinas Garcia as Henry
George Yip as the Historian
Armando Rivera, Melinda Lopez, and Andrew Siañez-de la O as the Party Goers


Meet the Cast & Creatives


Luz Lopez


Cristhian Mancinas-García


George Yip

The Historian


Andrew Siañez-de la O


Melinda Lopez


Aubrey Dube

Sound Designer

Julie Beaulieu

Sound Engineer