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Common Ground: In Perspective

A New Podcast Series

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Powered by The Huntington in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves, Common Ground: In Perspective is a companion podcast to The Huntington’s upcoming production of Common Ground Revisited. Written by Kirsten Greenidge and directed by Melia Bensussen, Common Ground Revisited is an adaptation of Anthony Lukas’ 1986 book.

Each podcast episode features a short audio play followed by a conversation with local leaders and scholars to explore the history surrounding bussing, school desegregation, education, and opportunity in the city of Boston. At a time where Boston Public Schools are more segregated in 2022 than they were in 1974, Common Ground: In Perspective gives insight on how we arrived at the present moment.




Common Ground: In Perspective is a companion podcast to Common Ground Revisited

Adapted from J. Anthony Lukas’ Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade In The Lives Of Three American Families
Conceived by Melia Bensussen and Kirsten Greenidge

Adapted by Kirsten Greenidge
Directed by Melia Bensussen


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Photo: Stan Grossfeld, Courtesy of The Boston Globe