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COVID-19 Public Health Policies

As The Huntington’s plans are evolving, we will continue to update this webpage with the most up-to-date information available.

We at the Huntington are excited about the return to live theatre and are eager to welcome you back through our doors!


The Huntington has updated its COVID protocols:


FACE MASKS: Face masks will be encouraged for evening performances and required for all matinee performances.

Masked Matinees: Masks covering your mouth and nose will be required for everyone in the building during matinee performances and must be worn at all times except when actively eating or drinking concessions, available for purchase during intermission. Mask requirements will be enforced by our front of house team and we appreciate your cooperation.

Masks-encouraged evening performances: Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask, except when actively eating or drinking concessions, for the comfort and safety of those around you. Mask wearing is not required and will not be enforced.

Any patron interested in attending a different performance will be able to exchange their tickets by contacting our ticketing services staff.


If on the day of the performance you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, stay home and contact ticketing services for more information about exchanges.


All tickets for Huntington productions through June 2023 come with digital insurance, and any ticketholders who would rather not see a performance in person for any reason can easily exchange their in-person tickets for a home viewing opportunity of a specially recorded version of the play.


These COVID policies will be in place through November 13, 2022, and we will continue to evaluate and update these policies as the situation evolves. For the most up-to-date information on our health and safety policies and season shows, please visit this page. If you have any questions, please email


Thank you in advance for your help in keeping everyone safe at the theatre. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are masks still required?We continue to encourage masks for all performances, but masks are only required at ALL matinee performances.


Why did The Huntington decide to retain the mask requirement for matinee performances and not for evening performances?
We wanted to be as inclusive as possible and be able to offer the option to our patrons to attend a performance where masks are required or to attend without masks required, depending on patrons’ personal preference, similar to what several NYC and Broadway theatres are doing. The alliteration of “Masked Matinees” makes it easy for our staff and patrons to understand and remember which performances require masks without complicated schedules or messaging.

The city and state lifted their mask mandates a while ago and there are very few places that still require masks. We heard from some patrons that they would only attend if masks were required and we heard from others that they were extremely frustrated when they still had to wear a mask in our venue and nowhere else, so we wanted to provide options to our patrons. We still encourage mask-wearing, and naturally, anyone may wear a mask at any time for any reason.


What if I want to attend a performance where everyone is wearing a mask, but I already have tickets to an evening performance?
Our ticketing services department would be happy to exchange your tickets into another performance, whether you want to move to a performance where masks are required, or move away from a performance where masks are required. Call 617-266-0800 or contact and they will assist you.


Will the performers wear masks on stage?
The performers will likely not wear masks during the performance.


Has The Huntington upgraded the Calderwood Pavilion’s air filtration system?
Yes, the Calderwood Pavilion HVAC system has been upgraded with MERV-13 filters and our air changes per hour exceed standards for performance spaces.


Will concessions be available at the theatre?
Yes. Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase during intermissions. During our Masked Matinees, masks must be worn unless actively eating or drinking. Outside food and drink continues to not be allowed.


Why does The Huntington permit eating and drinking at performances?
The Huntington offers concessions at performances as a customer service to our patrons. We want to accommodate those who are hungry or thirsty, and those whose experience would be enhanced by access to concessions. Concessions are available at the Calderwood Pavilion and Huntington Theatre at pre-show and intermission at evening performances, and at intermission for matinees where patrons must wear a mask unless actively eating or drinking concessions items.


What if I’m uncomfortable being around others eating and drinking with their masks down?
Please see the House Manager, who may be able to offer an alternate seat and/or mask pending availability.


Will printed programs be available?
Yes, there will be printed programs available for patrons, as well as a digital program that can be easily accessed on our website.


Do these policies apply to student groups and K-12 student matinees?
Yes, these policies apply to student groups and student matinees. For more information regarding student groups for grades K-12, please contact Director of Education Meg O’Brien at


Current as of Tuesday, September 27, 2022.