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Congratulations to all of the Elliot Norton nominees! 

Regine Vital

Regine Vital (she/her/hers) Manager of Curriculum & Instruction, is a theatre artist, administrator, educator, scholar, and storyteller from Somerville, MA. As an actor, director, dramaturge, and coach, she has worked with several Boston area theatre companies, including Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, ArtsEmerson, Company One, Central Square Theatre, HUB Theatre Company, Fresh Ink Theatre, and Flat Earth Theatre. She has taught composition, introductory literature, and public speaking at the college level; text and performance to high schoolers; and continuing adult education classes in literature. She is a current member of the Playable Theatre’s Board of Directors and frequent collaborator with Green Door Lab on the interactive theatre-game production, Club Drosselmeyer. Regine holds degrees from Boston University, UMass Boston, and studied Shakespeare at King’s College, London and Shakespeare’s Globe. When she isn’t telling stories on stage or talking too much about Shakespeare, Regine loves a good book, a good show, a good dance, or a great chat with great friends. Merde, folks!