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Auditions and Show Opportunities

Joy and Pandemic

The Huntington is now casting their upcoming production of Joy and Pandemic! Please see submission requirements below: 


The Huntington, in lieu of in-person auditions, will be accepting Equity video submissions sent by or before November 28th, 12pm EST. To audition, please fill out  this form– you’ll need your headshot/resume (as a combined PDF) and a link to your audition (preferably unlisted YouTube or private Vimeo with “huntington” as the password.) If you’d like to prepare a side from the shows listed below, you can find the sides here. Total audition video should not exceed five minutes. If you cannot submit a video, please contact us and we can make arrangements accordingly. We will not be conducting an EPA in-person. If you have any questions, and prefer calling, you can reach Carla Mirabal Rodríguez at 617-273-1531 or

Please prepare either two contrasting monologues from a play of your choice or perform two sides from any of the available roles listed below. Please see above for how to find available sides.

LORT Non-Rep
Virginia Wimberly Theatre: B; $1,008/week

Reviewing video submissions–
BOSTON: Rosalind Bevan (Casting & Producing Associate) & Carla Mirabal Rodríguez (Artistic Assistant)
NYC: Alaine Alldaffer (C.S.A.) & Lisa Donadio

The Huntington Theatre Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages actors of all backgrounds and abilities to audition.
The producer runs all aspects of this audition. Due to COVID-19, for remote audience access and to allow for social distancing during live
performances, Huntington Theatre Company plans to record each production and make a recording available for ticket-buyers in accordance with the LORT-AEA Extended Media Side Letter. Stage Management submissions can be sent to Melissa Duey, Associate General Manager, at, or mailed to Huntington Theatre Company, c/o Melissa Duey, 560 Harrison Ave, Suite 504, Boston, MA 02118.

Playwright: Taylor Mac
Director: Loretta Greco
Location: Virginia Wimberly Theatre , LORT B
First Rehearsal: Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Tech Begins: Saturday, April 15, 2023
First Preview: Friday, April 21, 2023
Opening: Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Closing: Sunday, May 28, 2023

JOY – 45, white. Will survive come hell or highwater. Mother of Pilly. Recently married a second husband, Bradford. Has tethered herself to Christian Science and has faith that if she “Does the Work” she can “Manifest” anything she puts her mind to. She is an infectious taskmaster; excellence is her pleasure.
PILLY (ACT III)– 51, played by the same actor who plays Joy. Grown daughter of Joy. Finds herself middle aged, still an odd clown having spent her entire unexamined life in service to Joy. Still dutiful and warm hearted, she is alone — struggling with the tenants of her faith as she cares for her dying mother.

MELANIE– 35, Black. Mother of Marjory. She is absolutely extraordinary. Melanie is a rush of energy and spirit—an unfiltered and hilarious truth teller who is profoundly of this slippery, dangerous and thrilling moment in time.
MARJORY– 39, Black, played by the same actor who plays Melanie. Daughter of Melanie. An internationally renowned contemporary fine artist. Howard alumna. Politicized, self-actualized, sharp, funny, and extremely observant and intuitive, she doesn’t miss a beat, says precisely what she means.

YOUNG PILLY – 17, white. Works with her mother at the art school. Tenderhearted. Tends to be clumsy and uncoordinated. Lives in the shadow of Joy, her own health has held her back from
growing up and exploring what she wants out of life. She is an acolyte to her mother, without Joy, there is no direction. Pilly is honest, funny, and a ball of doubt.

ROSEMARY – 70, white. Bradford’s mother. Wants the absolute best for her son, and doesn’t think his current life is living up to his full potential. She’s traditional, outspoken, and opinionated.

BRADFORD – 50, white. Married to Joy. He is an artist. Often allows Joy’s whims to dictate his life, she leads and he follows. He has a problem finishing things of his own and feels pressured by his mother’s desires for him to be better and reach for more.

General Submissions

Electronic copies of your headshot and resume can be sent to Hard copies may be mailed to:

Rosalind Bevan
Casting & Producing Associate
Huntington Theatre Company
560 Harrison Ave, Suite 504
Boston, MA 02118


Please‚ no phone calls.

For more information about theatre in Boston and other audition opportunities‚ please visit the StageSource web site.