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Tell us about yourself – how long have you been acting? What’s your relationship with Boston (are you from here, new here, or something in between?)? Have you worked with The Huntington before?

I’ve been acting since the 7th grade! I stepped up on the tiny stage in our high school rehearsal room, and never looked back. I went to Emerson College, and upon graduation I left Boston for a time, but it wasn’t long before I returned. I prefer the pace here, and the people. I’ve been acting with all the various Boston theatre companies since then. I even started my own company with a small group of likeminded people in Wellfleet, MA – Harbor Stage Company. We’re having our 11th season this summer! This is my fourth production with The Huntington.


What’s it like working with Taylor and Loretta? 

It’s been a joy working with Loretta and Taylor! Loretta is so passionate about the work and the artists. She truly is interested in creating an environment that puts the artist first. Her love of discovery and finding true connection in the play, and in the room is palpable. Taylor’s been a dream to have in the room. Zero ego, 100% supportive and a gentle, positive presence. What he creates is so personal and compassionate. And wildly funny. I feel honored that they entrusted me with Joy.


Tell us about this play

This play is about many things, but at its heart I think it’s about belief and doubt, hope and fear. How those things manifest differently in each character, and what happens when those beliefs doubts hopes and fears collide with others’ ideas of them – and collide within one’s own self. That’s when the fireworks happen.


Tell us about your character(s)

Joy is a woman whose faith is of the upmost importance. She is her faith, or at least trying to be a manifestation of it. She doesn’t always succeed however. Older Pilly is a woman who is struggling with doubt. Who is trying to figure out who she is separate from her mother. They are both experiencing extraordinary days in the play. Days which will reverberate down the line. Days that will force them to question their perceptions of themselves and the world around them.


No spoilers, but do you have a favorite line?

So many great ones to choose from! Here are a couple – “We cannot allow cynicism control of our hearts.” and “Do the work.”