Building Boston's Creative Hub

We will create a space where people come to feel more alive, more engaged, more fulfilled. We will immerse patrons in the creative energy of our city. It will be unlike any other theatre experience in the country or any other cultural venue in the region.
— Peter DuBois, Norma Jean Calderwood Artistic Director

The Huntington Theatre Company is embracing dramatic change. We are transforming our historic home on the Avenue of the Arts to increase our capacity for meaningful people-to-people engagement and vibrant exchange of ideas through performance, programs, and collaboration.

To accomplish this vision we are restoring the lustre of the Hutnington Avenue Theatre, an architectural treasure originally built in 1925 as the nation's first nonprofit theatre, and infusing it with 21st century amenities driven by inspired creative thought.

We are expanding to create a state-of-the-art, public destination housed in a new contemporary wing that will be transparent from the street. This welcoming and modern 14,000 square-foot convening space will have its own fliexble performance venue, as well as a cafe, balcony, bar, event space, and comfortable seating areas.

Greater Boston deserves a nexus that nurtures diverse thinking, the arts, culture, and in-person experiences that enrich us as individuals and as a city. Our new Huntington Avenue Theatre complex will be an inspiring and unifying venue for theatre, education, creative thought, and social connection: a cabaret, a hive of activity, a welcoming place to be.

Huntington Avenue Theatre Project
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