2019 Summer Workshops

THE VAULT  by Nina Louise Morrison

Directed by Portia Krieger
Public reading: Saturday, July 20 at 3pm

On the run from a polar bear, lost tourist Pamela finds shelter inside a strange cave in the ice, and quickly discovers she isn’t alone. Engaging in a tense back and forth with a mysterious Norwegian woman, Pamela reveals she might know more about the cave than she initially let on—and she isn’t leaving without a fight. Inspired by the arctic Global Seed Vault, Nina Louise Morrison’s claustrophobic eco-thriller explores just how far one would go to save humanity when the climate apocalypse comes.


REDUX  by Kate Snodgrass

Directed by Melia Bensussen
Public reading: Saturday, July 20 at 7pm

Mid-negotiation, Patricia changes the terms of her and her husband Jason’s “conscious uncoupling.” She wants full custody of their 15-year-old daughter Beth. But Beth hasn’t shown up for school that morning. And Patricia’s blouse, why is it splattered with red paint? Jumping off from Greek inspiration, Kate Snodgrass’ Redux grapples with modern day marriage and everything that comes after.


UNTITLED  by Mia Chung

Directed by Ken Prestininzi
Public reading: Sunday, July 21 at 3pm

Ed, Nidia, and Ryan — three seniors at MIT — prepare to find their places in post-college life. With all the privilege of youth, education and topnotch brainpower (and all the customary angst and anxiety as well), they weigh personal decisions about what they value, who they are, and who they want to become.


SPA GODS  by Lila Rose Kaplan

Directed by Rebecca Bradshaw
Public reading: Sunday, July 21 at 7pm

For all of time, the goddess Mona has created life – a baby, a flower bud, a poem, an orgasm – and now she’s going on strike, unwilling to make new things for a world possessed by anger and hate. Mona’s assistant hopes this is just a little disruption, something that can be fixed by a soothing massage in a luxurious day spa. But when the gods of war and death show up looking for Mona, comedy and catharsis ensue in Lila Rose Kaplan’s delightful new play about exfoliating scrubs and the end of the world.

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