2017 Summer Workshops

CELLS  by Sam Marks

Directed by Oliver Butler
Public reading: Saturday, July 22 at 3pm

A young man divides up a decaying collection of his late grandmother’s paintings, never shown outside the family. Mothballing the canvasses, he uncovers sharp and sour fragments of his grandmother’s past, and discovers a woman more vibrant and complex than his younger self could have known.


AND MOIRA SPINS  by Kirsten Greenidge 

Directed by Jade King Carroll
Public Reading: Saturday, July 22 at 6pm

Determined to have a perfect vacation with her sisters, Lavinia has dropped off her kids at camp and rented a summer house. Her siblings, however, bring along their own baggage that threatens to ruin Lavinia’s meticulously planned week. And when their long estranged stepmother shows up out of the blue, dormant tensions boil to the surface, forcing the women to face their cherished notions of family and how far they will go to preserve those beliefs. 


THE LAST CATASTROPHIST  by David Valdes Greenwood 

Directed by Rebecca Remaly
Public reading: Sunday, July 23 at 3pm

Marina, one of the last two climatologists on earth, is hiding on the coast of Iceland to escape Eternal Sunshine, a dark ops force terrorizing climate scientists. But when Lucia, her one remaining peer, shows up unannounced, a cat-and-mouse game ensues. Are they allies? Enemies? Whose life is on the brink of extinction?


THE CAVE  by Eleanor Burgess

Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian
Public reading: Sunday, July 23 at 6pm

As winters get colder and food gets scarce, a makeshift tribe of cavemen struggles to decide whether to remain in the land they call home or head to greener pastures in the south. This play explores the lives that we evolved to lead, our place in the universe, and what relationships mean in a time of survival.

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