I Was Most Alive with You | Performance Information Video

Information about Craig Lucas' I Was Most Alive with You at the Huntington Theatre Company in spoken English and ASL.

The Huntington Theatre Company presents I Was Most Alive with You a new play by Craig Lucas featuring Deaf and hearing actors and shadowing ASL interpreters on stage with the actors.

The play begins at Thanksgiving dinner, where Knox shares that is grateful for three things he thought were curses: being Deaf, being gay, and being an alcoholic. After a terrible accident and what feels like the trials of Job, he and his family's resilience are put to the test.

Performed both in English and American Sign Language, Craig Lucas' funny, ambitious, and beautiful new play pulses with the exhilaration and ache of human connection.
I Was Most Alive with You is a new play written by a hearing artist and featuring both Deaf and hearing actors. ASL fluent members of the Deaf/hard-of-hearing communities are welcome to purchase tickets to any performance.

Performances are May 27th to June 26th at the Calderwood Pavilion in Boston's South End.

You can go online to buy tickets to any of the dates you'd like to attend!

Keep your eyes open for more news! We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

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