I Was Most Alive with You | Go into the rehearsal room

I Was Most Alive with You - Go into the rehearsal room 

[Russell Harvard] My name is Russell Harvard, and I play Knox.

[Nancy Carroll] Knox is Deaf, and is raised by hearing parents. Some of his family have opted to learn Sign Language, and others have not. 

[Russell Harvard] Knox is a recovering addict. He's gay, he is Deaf, and all three of those things together are very valuable to him. They are a gift to him. Something happens in the course of the play where he loses an important part of his life. So those three things are no longer a gift. 

[Craig Lucas] I was guided towards the book of Job, which is a very unpleasant tale of terrible things happening to a nice person for no good reason. And the nice person's need to understand, and demanding an answer from God. It's in a sense a simple story. Things happen to someone and they do or do not rise to the occasion. The Huntington is taking a big risk and doing something that, insofar as I know, has not been done by a major LORT theatre, which is taking a play written in English, translating the half of it that is Deaf people speaking or people speaking to Deaf people into ASL, and providing simultaneous translations for both contingencies in the audience.

[Sabrina Dennison] I think it is going to be successful naturally, because it's going to be accessible for everyone. Truly, everyone - any time, any performance - anyone Deaf or hearing can come and understand the show. And this is really historic! There's no distinction between us, there's no separation. We really already feel like a family. There's such an environment of mutual respect and admiration.

[Nancy Carroll] It's not just all the different characters and all the different languages. It's that this is also a family that is representing six different religions. We are an amazing melting pot on stage. 

[Craig Lucas] The only way to experience the play is to see it.

[Russell Harvard] Just come with an open mind, an open heart. And you'll witness something so beautiful and you will always remember this show for the rest of your life. 

Russell Harvard
Nancy E. Carroll
Craig Lucas
Sabrina Dennison

Special Thanks:
Steven Nugent
Rachel Judelson

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