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  • Arthur Miller's All My Sons at the Huntington Theatre Company

    Come behind-the-scenes of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons" at the Huntington with director David Esbjornson and actors from the production, including Will Lyman, Karen MacDonald, Diane Davis, and Lee Aaron Rosen.



  • All My Sons Clip 2

    Joe Keller, played by Will Lyman, explains how it is possible that his business partner could have shipped faulty airplane parts. Also featuring Karen MacDonald as Kate Keller, Diane Davis as Ann Deever, and Lee Aaron Rose as Chris Keller.


  • All My Sons Clip 3

    Ann Deever, played by Diane Davis, and Chris Keller, played by Lee Aaron Rosen, reveal their feelings for each other.


  • All My Sons Clip 1

    Kate Keller, played by Karen MacDonald, holds out hope for her son Larry's return from the war. Also featuring Diane Davis as Ann Deever and Lee Aaron Rosen as Chris Keller.


  • Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

    The Huntington Theatre Co scene shop tests the mechanics and aluminum skelaton of what will become an apple tree. The Huntington's production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons begins with a thunder storm that topples the apple tree, splitting it in half. In the following scene one of the characters then saws one of the damaged tree limbs.The tree falls apart on cue, and in the right direction, 8 performances a week.


  • ASL Synopsis for All My Sons

    ASL synopsis for the Huntington's production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons.




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