Seeing a show at the Huntington Avenue Theatre in ASL

Information about getting to the Huntington Avenue Theatre and how to purchase tickets to ASL performances at the Huntington Theatre Company.

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Welcome to the Huntington Theatre Company. You may wonder how you can access the theatre company. It's easy to get to. You can take either the subway, the bus, or you can drive.

If you choose to take the subway, you can take either the Green or the Orange Line dependent on your starting location. You may be aware that the Green Line has several different branches that are identified by letters A, B, C and D. If you take any of A, B, C, or D, you would take that train and exit at Hynes Convention Center. That would leave about a 12 minute walk to get to the theatre. Another branch, the E Branch, goes a different direction, and you would be able to exit the train station at Symphony. That would be even closer to the theater in terms of the walk. If your starting location is closer to the Orange Line, you may choose to use that and your exit there would be for Mass Ave. And that's only about a two minute walk around the corner.

Now if you prefer not to use the subway, but use the bus instead, there are two that come very close to the theater. The Number 1 bus actually stops at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue. So, you're about a block from the theatre at that point. Or you could take the Number 39 bus which would drop you at Gainsborough Street. That's about a half a block from the theatre as well.

The other option of course is to drive, and there is plenty of parking in the neighborhood. Some on street parking, but primarily paid garage parking. If you were to look at the Huntington Theatre Company website, there's a wealth of information there about where to park and the prices involved for each place. So, that's worth checking when you're planning your trip.

Now if you're wondering how you get tickets, I can tell you that you can contact Meg O'Brien. She is the Interim Co-Director of the Education Department here at the Huntington, and she can help you through the process of buying the discounted tickets. Her email address is

John Pirone

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