The Jungle Book Prep

We've been busy this month getting ready for The Jungle Book to arrive from Chicago. Bringing in a show of this scale requires a little reconfiguration, and sometimes some capital improvements.

This slideshow shows you a little of the work we've done. Projects included building custom stairs into the orch pit (the musicians need to be able to get onstage in a moment's notice), reconfiguring the house sound mix position, and hanging the FOH (front of house) and overhead lighting. We also installed a new electrical service so we could power all of the technology needed to run the show. And we gathered up lots of equipment and stored items and moved them offsite in order to make room to recieve the five truckloads of set and gear from Chicago. Today we sent one 52' trailer to the storage yard, and another to be loaded into a large indoor unit. We'll send more out at the end of next week.

Tomorrow at 7:30a the first truck from Chicago will arrive and we'll start moving it in.

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