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  • Melinda Lopez on WGBH Open Studios

    WGBH Open Studios Host Jared Bowen speaks with playwright Melinda Lopez about the production (interview begins ~6:11).


  • The Cuban Connection

    Cuban blood runs thick in Melinda Lopez's stirring new drama, both onstage and off. The family at the center of Becoming Cuba is portrayed by three actors who all share Cuban heritage — and the real-life parallels don't stop there. Discover the heartwarming connections to Cuban history in this exclusive video interview.



  • "Becoming Cucho" (Lorde Parody)

    The story of Becoming Cuba as told through the eyes of the young orphan Chucho, played by Brandon Barbosa. Based on the song "Royals" by Lorde; parody lyrics by John J King with Brandon Barbosa.



  • Becoming Collaborators: Melinda Lopez & M. Bevin O'Gara

    Playwright Melinda Lopez and director Bevin O'Gara have been working on Becoming Cuba for over 2 years, but their history together stretches back for more than a decade. Learn more about their relationship in this exclusive interview.



  • Melinda Lopez: Documenting a Dream

    Playwright Melinda Lopez speaks with Howlround / Theater Commons about the first year of her residency at the Huntington. An ongoing video series presented by Miranda Craigwell, shot and edited by Alesha Gunn.


  • What Audiences Are Saying About Becoming Cuba

    Havana is hot! Hear what audiences are saying about Becoming Cuba, and get a sneak peek at scenes from the hit production.



  • Family, Revolution, and Becoming Cuba

    Becoming Cuba is set during the Spanish-American war, but it also tells us a lot about recent events in Egypt, Ukraine, and beyond. Playwright Melinda Lopez, director M. Bevin O'Gara, and members of the cast discuss the surprising relevance of this stirring new drama and the touching family story at its center.



  • Becoming Cuba Scenic Design Presentation

    Director M. Bevin O'Gara shares research, inspiration, and renderings for the set of Becoming Cuba by scenic designer Cameron Anderson. 



  • Becoming Cuba First Rehearsal: the Meet & Greet

    Join us at the first rehearsal for Becoming Cuba, and hear opening remarks from Artistic Director Peter DuBois, playwright Melinda Lopez, and director M. Bevin O'Gara. 



  • Juan of the Dead — Official Trailer

    Shot on location in Havana on a shoestring budget, the film imagines the island overrun by zombies, which, as one of the lead characters cheekily points out, is not too far from the reality that Cubans face every day. 


  • Peter DuBois on Becoming Cuba

    The Huntington's production of Melinda Lopez's Becoming Cuba marks a major milestone in the history of the company. Artistic Director Peter DuBois talks about bringing playwright Melinda Lopez back to the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA, where her play Sonia Flew was the inaugural production in 2004, and providing Associate Producer M. Bevin O'Gara with her first opportunity to direct a full production on the Huntington's stage.





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