Continuing creative expression and education from the comfort of your own home.

Created by the Huntington Theatre Company’s Education Department, Huntington @ HomeSchool is an online learning program with a variety of courses and panel discussions led by Huntington educators and artisans.

Huntington @ HomeSchool courses are available to anyone interested – you don’t have to live in Boston or Massachusetts – we welcome everyone to join us in our virtual classrooms. Starting September 8 there will be a fee of $15 per session and anyone 18 or younger can still participate for FREE (use promo code 18BELOW)! There is also a NEW Saturday morning class for littles ages 5+.

We also have additional resources for teachers and educators. 


Not Shakespeare, but...Thomas Middleton
Friday, October 16 • 6pm - 7pm
Instructor: Regine Vital, Manager of Curriculum and Instruction
Class limit: 20 • open to all  
When we think of Early Modern English drama, everyone thinks of William Shakespeare. However, he wasn't the only playwright writing plays; in fact, he didn't even write the most famous play of the period. In this class, we'll talk about Shakespeare's contemporaries and predecessors; up this week: Thomas Middleton.


Get up and game!
Saturday, October 17 • 9:30am - 10:30am
Instructor: Daniel Begin, Manager of Education Operations
Class limit: 12 • open to ages 5-8 years old
Join Daniel, for an hour of stretching, theatre games, and creative fun! This class will let your 5-8 years olds, get some energy out on a Saturday morning while also allowing them to get their brain juices flowing.


Script and Character Analysis
Tuesday, October 20 • 6pm - 7pm
Instructor: Regine Vital, Manager of Curriculum & Instruction
Class limit: 20 • open to all  
Got a new script or new role to think through, but not sure where or how to start? Let's talk through some tips and tricks together to get you on your way!


Theatre For Young Audiences: Why It’s Important and How It’s Different
Wednesday, October 21 6pm - 7pm
Instructor: Daniel Begin, Manager of Education Operations
Class limit: 20 • open to all  
A look into the world of theater for young audiences. This class will focus on defining the art form, drawing similarities and differences to "theater," and will outline the individual and community benefits for having students partake in TYA. This teacher training will also highlight current TYA shows that are popular.


Story Drama
Saturday, October 24 9:30am - 10:30am
Instructor: Katy Poludniak, General Management Assistant
Class limit 12 open to ages 7-12 years old
Help Katy bring a story to life in Story Drama! With the use of a children’s book, students will read and then put their own twist on one of our favorite spooky tales. Plus they’ll learn some key theatre vocabulary in the process!


Let's Play
Tuesday, October 27 • 6pm-7pm
Instructor: Meg O’Brien, Director of Education
Class limit 30 • open to all
Join Meg O’Brien, Director of Education, to spend an hour playing theatre games.  Whether you’re looking for material to implement in your lesson plans, ideas for virtual game play, or just want an hour to decompress and hopefully have some fun – this will be the class for you.


Directing 101
Wednesday, October 28 • 6pm-7pm
Instructor: Daniel Begin, Manager of Education Operations
Class limit 15
So, you’re a High School student, and you want to direct? Here’s what you need to know. This quick delve into directing will give students everything they need to know to start their directing career.


Teacher Talks: Approaching SY21 in a Pandemic 

Friday, October 30 • 5:30pm-7pm
Instructor: Meg O’Brien, Director of Education
Class limit 60 • open to teachers grades 7-12 anywhere in the USA
As we are approaching a new school year, come chat with Meg O’Brien, Director of Education, who will moderate a space for discussion on how teachers can continue to support each other no matter what your district decides for your year.  We’ll start with a general discussion, and then break out into groups to provide time for you to focus on specific topics that we will identify as a group.  This 90-minute class is meant to uplift, empower, and center the teachers for a bit of time.




The Huntington Theatre Company's Education Department recognizes the challenges of remote learning, as all schools across the Commonwealth have closed due to Coronavirus. We have curated a collection of classes and workshops that our staff and staff across the Huntington are willing to teach remotely, designed to last between 30 and 60 minutes. 

Guest Lectures and Teacher Trainings are on summer vacation - we'll resume these offerings in a few months, once school is back in session.


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