Statement from Huntington Board Chairman and President

Peter DuBois has informed us of his resignation from his position as Norma Jean Calderwood Artistic Director of the Huntington Theatre Company. He has served the Huntington for 12 years and created many wonderful productions during his tenure. 

Over the course of the coming weeks, the Board of Trustees will embark on a process designed to inform the search for a new artistic director. As we are an evolving theatre company, so too is the role of the artistic director. The Board of Trustees will be developing an updated description of the responsibilities required of our next artistic leader and will then begin the search for the next person to fulfill that role. We are committed to listening to the voices within the Huntington family to ensure that we have the guidance needed as we conduct a formal search. We are confident that we can move forward with the same dedication to excellent artist achievement during this transition and beyond.

We are fortunate to have both a talented staff within the artistic department and an engaged Board of Trustees. With our efforts combined, we will continue the fine work for which the Huntington Theatre Company has become recognized both locally and nationally.

This announcement comes at a time where the myriad challenges around the pandemic have illuminated concerns about the theatre’s workplace environment and issues of structural imbalance. We are taking the time during this period where we are unable to produce theatre to reflect on how to improve our organization, open the lines of communication, including greater dialogue with our BIPOC staff and artists, and become a more equitable institution. We have a lot of work to do in this area, but it is a high priority for our organization.

We deeply appreciate the commitment exhibited by the Huntington staff during this difficult time and are grateful for both their candor and their love for the Huntington. We recognize the Board’s obligation to honor and serve, not just our audiences, but the people who work for us and with us. Looking forward, we are confident that we have the board leadership, organizational leadership, and staff in place to truly make the Huntington’s reemergence the beginning of a new era in Boston theatre.

David Epstein, Chairman
Huntington Theatre Company Board of Trustees      

Sharon Malt, President
Huntington Theatre Company Board of Trustees

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