Sons of the Prophet: 5 Days til Tech Rehearsals

by:  Rebecca Bellan at 03/22/2011

Sons of the Prophet, a surprising comedy about two brothers dealing with the death of their father and the illness of their uncle, is well on its way to production. Tech is this Sunday, so the shops are working hard to get the set and costumes ready.



“We had a very full week of fittings last week,” said Anita Canzian, who was busy at work in the Costume shop making what she called a ‘Franken-jean’ or two jeans that have been taken apart and pieced back together to make a single garment. The result is a multifabric geometric creation. “Photographs were taken of everything so Bobby [Tilly, the designer] and Peter [DuBois, the director] could look at everything.”

Anita said that only 50 percent of the costumes shown were chosen. This week, there will be another round of fittings with the things they discovered. “We have late Friday or early Saturday load-out for Sunday tech,” said Anita.

Justin Seward said that Props is working on a little of everything. They need a desk for Gloria, and are debating whether they should build it or not. They are also working on finding and creating hand and paper props.

“Kris is working on light fixtures for the back wall, I’m working on some paper props like brochures and insurance papers, and things they handle,” said Justin.

Justin also said that they just finished making the hospital exam table and are working on making a hospital bed that’s light weight so they can move it around backstage and store it. “As of now, we’re just checking things off the list and trying to get as much as we can done by Sunday.”

Tracking Walls

Meanwhile in the Paints shop, they are working on the tracking panels and larger props, like a staircase. Tracking panels, said Kristin Krause, are the walls that move around on stage. “We spent most of our time doing all of the portals which don’t ever move. The tracking panels will basically tell the story of the doctor’s office, and the motel, and the bus station, etc.” Some of these panels have wallpaper, one is just painted a color, and there are wooden doorframes, as well.

The shops on Huntington Avenue never disappoint and will surely come through with near finished products by Sunday tech.

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