Student Performances SOLD OUT!

by:  Meg O'Brien at 12/03/2009

Greetings! Meg O'Brien, Education Dept. Manager here!

Part of my job here is to facilitate our Student Matinee Series.  I’m writing with an incredible update on our 2009-2010 Season.

We, in the Department of Education and Community Programs, have been extremely proud of this program since its inception, and it remains the cornerstone of our work.

This year, before we’d even reached the Thanksgiving Holiday, we had SOLD OUT 4 student matinee performances, added 2 more, and offered deeply discounted price of $12 per student to schools for any performance, in our attempt to have as many schools as possible visit us this season.

Fences was quite the production to begin with.  As an August Wilson Pulitzer Prize winning play, it is included in many class curriculums throughout the Commonwealth.  The October 1st matinee sold out long before Schools were open for the year, and the added October 9th matinee sold out as soon as I called all the schools on our wait-list.

By the time Fences closed on October 11, more than 40 schools, and over 2,00 students came to see the play.  Knowing that we were able to expose so many students to such a rich, important piece of theatre at a very affordable rate is what our work is all about.

I’m even more excited to tell you that we SOLD OUT today’s student performance of Paula Vogel’s A Civil War Christmas, AND our January 28th performance of Miller’s All My Sons.  Schools have already reserved seats in other performances of A Civil War Christmas, and we have added an additional student matinee for All My Sons on January 15, 2010.

What makes this news so exciting for me, personally, is the knowledge that schools are choosing to spend their hard-earned field trip funding to come visit the Huntington Theatre Company time and time again.  Many of our schools come to every student matinee of the season, every year. 

As budgets are being slashed, and teachers have to become more and more imaginative in how to advance their students’ creative and artistic development, it is thrilling to see new schools choosing to visit us. 

I look forward to sharing more updates with you as this incredible season progresses!  If you would like information on our Student Matinee Series, or our other programming in the Department of Education and Community Programs, please let me know!  You can call me at 617 273 1558 or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!



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