2015 Summer Workshops

by:  Stephanie LeBolt at 07/24/2015

Stephanie LeBoltA note from Stephanie LeBolt, Assistant to the Artistic Director and Associate Producer for the Huntington Playwriting Fellows Summer Workshops


During the month of July, a group of phenomenally talented local and national artists descend on the Calderwood Pavilion for two weeks of exploration, experimentation, and fun in support of new play development. Four Huntington Playwriting Fellows are chosen each year by a panel composed of both staff and their peers for this opportunity. Only in its fourth year, this particular workshop format was developed to give our playwrights more of what they were asking for – time and space to play.


These workshops are all about supporting the unique needs of each individual play, regardless of where it is in its development process. Whether the play is still in a nascent stage with new scenes and characters still being introduced, or fully formed and ready for polishing before hitting the stage, the entire team is poised to provide support and problem solve at the drop of a hat. Unlike many development processes, this rehearsal time is not intended to work towards production or a completed product.  Instead, selected playwrights are given the luxury of focus on process.

Rehearsing YERMAThere is a community that develops among the summer workshops artists. The full company is invited to the first read of each play, regardless of direct participation.  Because we take on the crazy task of rehearsing four new plays all at once, there is a need to share actors, time, and resources. Many actors “double” and play multiple characters in multiple plays on alternative days. Sometimes things break (this year, the copier… last year, someone’s foot), sometimes actors have to drop out last minute for callbacks for Broadway shows, but always exciting, interesting, inspired art is created and friendships are formed. 


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