A Dispatch From Good People Rehearsal: Week 2

by:  Melanie Garber, Assistant to the Director at 09/06/2012

We now find ourselves about halfway through our rehearsal process for Good People. The clarity of story is becoming a reality onstage. In a constant effort to serve the play, we comb through the complex layers of each scene, and at times even each beat, which continues to fuel a wonderful sense of discovery for the artists in the room. 

For the actors who are representing Southie natives, a focus on keeping things light and funny, no matter how actually horrible circumstances might be, permeates the room. This approach seems to be the ultimate modus operandi of Good People. Characters taunt and tease each other as a form of entertainment.
The concept of back story keeps emerging, almost, in its own right, as another one of the characters. Do the choices we make really inform our social status? Economically speaking? Are people who are happy just lucky? How does our past affect our present? I suppose it depends how much we hold onto it…
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