Rehearsal Dispatch: Now Or Later

by:  Omar Robinson at 10/03/2012

One of the many wonderful things about this rehearsal process is how we start the day. Usually, after enough of us have entered the rehearsal hall, someone will ask, "Did you see the news from last night?" or "You catch that interview this morning?" These conversations lead directly into those about what's going on in the political world of Now or Later and how the events of the play align so closely with what's happening in our country today. 

Last Tuesday we watched President Obama's address to the United Nations together. Many of his points touched upon issues raised in Now or Later, specifically Obama's bold defense of freedom of expression - something John, Jr. (the play's protagonist) fervently fights for throughout the play. Between our current presidential race and the controversy surrounding the recent anti-Islam film, we're finding so many parallels to the play that it's beginning to get a little eerie. (My working theory is that playwright Christopher Shinn is mildly clairvoyant.) Come see the show and see what I'm talking about.


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