Working With Nicky Martin on Bus Stop

by:  Jared Craig at 09/16/2010

We recently asked Jared Craig to tell us what it's like to work with Nicholas Martin on Bus Stop. Here's what he had to say:

Working with Nicholas Martin has been incredibly inspiring to me both as an actor in The Corn is Green and as his assistant for Bus Stop.

My experience with him on Bus Stop has given me the opportunity to observe actors working with one of the wittiest, funniest, and technically savvy directors of our time. The level of specificity that Nicky demands (and the high quality of actors he casts) means that every rehearsal is like a master class in acting.

It's great to watch him work on a scene because he really respects actors and sees what ideas they bring to the table and then couples those with his own ideas. The group comes together in a way that is unlike most rehearsal processes. It is theatrical collaboration in the purest sense and any actor who has worked with Nicky will probably say the same thing.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with him in The Corn Is Green and now with Bus Stop.  I think that anyone who sees Bus Stop will enjoy Nicky's masterful ensemble directing and the brilliant acting of this cast. I know that I do!


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