Susannah Load-In Pictures

by:  Allie Herryman at 04/08/2010

With the closing of Becky Shaw this weekend activity on the BUT stage turned to loading in the upcoming opera, Susannah. Crews have only a few short days – from now until April 15 – to transform the stage into New Hope Valley, Tennessee, where this musical drama takes place. Here are some photos of where we are in the process:

The construction crew works on stage to put in the raked deck (a stage floor constructed on a slant, so that the part nearest the back wall is higher than the part nearest the edge of the stage).

Leaves are hung from the line sets to give the appearance of trees overhead. Outside the shop, tree trunks were piled up awaiting installation.

And remember that paint treatment texture? Here’s how it developed:


  1. are the leaves real or fake? if fake, where did you get them from? thanks amy

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