Becky Shaw Opening Night

by:  Lisa McColgan at 03/15/2010

The Lane-Comley Studio 210 at the BU Theatre complex was transformed into a festive event space for the Opening Night pre-performance dinner of Becky Shaw this past Wednesday night. 

Huntington Trustees, Overseers, Opening Night sponsors and members of the Huntington Circle and other VIPs joined Becky Shaw playwright Gina Gionfriddo and Artistic Director Peter DuBois for this special celebration. 

Opening Night dinners are a chance for our Board members, donors and Production Sponsors to gather prior to curtain, have a relaxing dinner and drinks, network with friends old and new, and get to know some of the talented artists and staff members behind-the-scenes. Often, guests are given a little “inside baseball” regarding the production they’re about to see: something in the script or on the set to be on the lookout for, or interesting insight into the creation of the production, the artistic process or one of the cast members.

Artistic Director Peter DuBois addressed the eighty or so guests talking about his relationship with Becky Shaw playwright Gina Gionfriddo (photo right). The pair first met as grad students at Brown University and have worked on the play together since 2008 when it had it's premiere at the Humana Festival. “We’ll talk about what’s going on in our personal lives or with friends and their dating lives, and she’ll have a read on situations where it’s like, Whoa! That actually sounds correct - and terrifying!’’ said DuBois  “She’ll come up with a psychological read that always astonishes me in its brutal honesty. Gina sees the darker motivations of human behavior very clearly, and then she puts it in the mouths of the characters.’’

The food was provided by Max Ultimate Food and the Salmon was delicious!

For more information about attending the Huntington’s Opening Night dinners, or to join the Huntington Circle, our most generous donors, or for production sponsorship opportunities, please contact Meg White, Director of Major Gifts, at 617 273-1596 or


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