Venus in Fur Curtain Calls: Andrea Syglowski

by:  at 01/06/2014

Name: Andrea Syglowski

Role: Vanda

Hometown: Springfield, PA (a small town outside of Philadelphia)

How are you like your character?
Oh, I go to all of my auditions wearing leather lingerie and a dog collar. (Just kidding) I think I just shared with you what Vanda and I have in common. I think we are both quick to crack a joke. But, underneath "the funny," Vanda and I both have a heightened awareness of inequality when we see it, particularly gender inequality, and it doesn't sit well with us.

What is your most memorable acting role and why?
This is a very difficult question. If I have to choose just one, it dates back to college. When I was very young I was cast as Hecuba in The Trojan Women, a school production. I was far too young to play the part, and it was extremely demanding. The reason I chose thise role is because it asked me to find an inner strength in myself and a perseverance that didn't exist prior to that production. If I could go back and watch myself on that stage today, I may think what I was doing was rather silly, however that strength and that unwillingness to give up stayed with me and to some degree it is a part of everything I do today.

Best seduction technique?
Oiy. When I figure that out I will let you know. I DO make a killer omelet, does that count?

Who is your favorite mythic god/goddess and why?
Well, Venus is pretty amazing isn't she? I also have always loved Athena, mostly known as the goddess of wisdom, courage, just warfare, and . . . arts and crafts. She's a warrior, but thought it best to employ strategy and wisdom to settle conflict. She can go from kicking Poseidon's butt, to settling a dispute, and then knit you a scarf. I love that. 



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