Tiger Style! Curtain Calls

Bryan DonovanName: Bryan Donovan

Role: Rus the Bus

Hometown: Sterling Heights, Michigan.

What is the best advice your parents ever gave you? ALWAYS look a gift horse in the mouth — vet bills are pricey.

How are you like/not like your character? I’d like to think I'm drastically different than all three characters. For starters, I’m technically challenged and know nothing about sound systems. I can barely plug in my headphones. 2) I’d rather eat an live iguana that sit at a desk and stamp passports all day, I’m too A.D.D. for that. 3) I’d never use the words bro-hahn, dude or bro when talking with another man. It goes against my gay ethics... Although I have said gurrrrrrl on many occasions. Oh no, wait a second. Maybe in real life I’m the gay equivalent of Russ the Bus. Ahhhhhhhhh.


Francis JueName: Francis Jue

Role: Dad

Hometown: San Francisco, California

How did audiences in Atlanta respond to Tiger Syle!? They fell out of their seats at this hysterical, political, poignant play! I think it surprised a lot of audience members that they identified so much with the family in this play.

How are you like/not like your character? I play 4 characters in Tiger Style! -- Tzi Chuan, Melvin, Dad, and General Tso. I recognize myself in each of them, because each one is completely real and completely absurd at the same time.

Favorite moment performing Tiger Style!? The very first moment of the play, when Tzi Chuan meets Albert, is my favorite -- and piggiest -- moment in the play. There is so much going on when these guys recognize each other for what they are.

What is your favorite line from the play? "Hey.  You Chinese?"

What is the best advice your parents ever gave you?  Family is more important than being right. But being right gives you extra credit


Emily KurodaName: Emily Kuroda

Role: Mom

Hometown: 20 acre vegetable farm in Fresno, California

What do you admire about your parents? After WWII my parents were busy making a living — my father farmed and my mother worked in a sewing factory and did farm labor at night and on weekends. They worked 7 days a week and never complained. With gratitude I aspire to have a fraction of their strength.

How are you like/not like your character? I play a lot of different roles so it’s multiple personality time for me – much like I am in life actually.

Favorite moment performing Tiger Style!? I can’t say or I will jinx it.

What is your favorite line from the play? I have a favorite musical moment. The actors are superb. Funny, reflective, hopeful, angry, loving… so many colors. I never tire of watching it.

How did audiences in Atlanta respond to Tiger Style!? Great! This play crosses racial barriers as it addresses immigration and identity issues. Many non Asian audience members strongly related to the parent child relationships.


Ruibo QianName: Ruibo Qian

Role: Jennifer

Hometown: Houston, Texas.

Favorite moment performing Tiger Style!? My favorite moments are those backstage with Jon gearing up for Act II. Being only children, we both really learned to channel our inner sibling. Maybe too well?

How are you like/not like your character? Our neuroses and upbringing are similar, though I manifest my neuroses in a more implosive fashion. Or at least I like to think I do.

What is your favorite line from the play? It's not mine, but: "I'm gonna yell at my mom like a white girl."

How did audiences in Atlanta respond to Tiger Style!Wonderfully! And especially rewarding to perform for younger audiences being exposed to theater for the first time. It never gets boring to viscerally feel the audience relating to the characters and humor.

What is the best advice your parents ever gave you? To put perseverance and self-respect above all else. Remains to be seen if I choose to follow this advice.


Jon Norman SchneiderName: Jon Norman Schneider

Role: Albert

Hometown: I grew up around Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

How are you like your character? I was an overachiever in school and I can overthink and over analyze like he does. Certainly, many of his identity politics around growing up Asian American in this country resonate with me. Although, I wish I was as hyper-articulate as he is when laying out his frustrations and discontents.

Favorite moment performing Tiger Style!? Really, there are so many good ones - we have a lot of fun out there. Don't make me choose!

What is your favorite line from the play? "Secrets will be revealed that threaten to tear the family apart."

How did audiences in Atlanta respond to Tiger Style!? Oh, they were super warm and engaged with the story in a way that was truly heartening. I loved hearing their points of connection with the material, either through their laughter during the play or afterward during post-show interactions.

What is the best advice your parents ever gave you?  "Stop buying things."

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