A Guide for the Homesick  Curtain Calls

McKinley Belcher IIIName: McKinley Belcher III

Role: Teddy & Nicholas

What is your hometown? Atlanta, GA

What personal items would prevent you from getting homesick? My sax is something like a comfort blanket. It was my introduction to the arts when I was quite young. There’s something pure about it, and it makes me just as happy as when I was 12 years old. Good southern cooking is another. And my journal, just because I love to write, and it’s helped me process a lot as I journey through life. 

What city would you pick to do some soul-searching in and why? The artist in me has always had a pull to Austin, Texas. I think it’s the kind of place I could be artistically inspired in. It’s the cross section of many things that I love. I vacillate between that kind of artsy, but still metropolitan energy, and secretly desiring a spiritual and literal quiet that you could have in the middle of nowhere. 

How do you relate to your character? I admire how comfortable Nicholas is in his own skin; some people go a lifetime without being that comfortable with who they are. And I unfortunately identify with Teddy’s tendency to fall in love with the wrong person. I think they’re both people who love hard, and that hits close to home for me. 


Sam LevineName: Sam Levine

Role: Jeremy & Ed

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

What personal items would prevent you from getting homesick? My Saint Christopher necklace, my DVD set of Lord of the Rings, some magical stones given to me, and a wooden compass my high school sweetheart gave me.

 What city would you pick to do some soul-searching in and why? Lately I have found myself day dreaming of going to Granada in Spain, the birth place of Federico Garcia Lorca. I love Lorca’s poetry. Its dark, sexy, and dream like. I dream of walking where he walked. I could search for my soul there, as I am sure he did when he was a young man.

How do you relate to your character? Like my character, I feel lost and confused constantly as I go through everyday life. I’ll have moments where I look around and think to myself, “How did I get here?” I think both Jeremy and Ed feel this way as well. And maybe it’s just the Gemini in me, but I also feel like I am being torn in two directions, forever split. Jeremy and Ed also share this with me.

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