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Welcome All Future Huntington Apprentices!

Please Check Back for Apprentice Program Updates.


Contact: Marisa Jones, Associate Director of Education & Practical Learning


The Huntington’s Apprentice Program is a full-time, year-long professional program for highly motivated and committed individuals who are looking to bridge the gap between their academic experience and a professional career in theatre. Apprentices are invited to this pre-professional program in hopes of furthering their education and experiences by working alongside a dedicated company of artists, administrators, technicians and designers. Not only do apprentices gain practical experience, knowledge and industry contacts, they are encouraged to discover their true potential in a creative and challenging environment, fostering both professional and personal growth. The Huntington is committed to producing works, building audiences, and employing staff members in an effort to promote equity and celebrate the rich communities of the Greater Boston area and beyond. We seek candidates who are not only creative, passionate, reliable, but also possess the freedom of spirit to celebrate the diversity of our culture and community.

Apprenticeships are typically available in the following areas:

  • Casting and Producing

Provides support in the casting and producing efforts of the Artistic Department including helping organize auditions, maintaining casting databases, and keeping a working knowledge of the local casting pool. The Producing and Casting Apprentice also assists in the various producing needs of the current and upcoming seasons, workshops, readings, and special projects as well as provides support to season programming.

  •  Literary

Provides general support for the Artistic Department but will focus on duties of the Literary office.  A successful candidate should demonstrate not only an interest in dramatic literature and new plays but should be motivated and possess strong writing and research skills.  Duties include gathering research for all season productions; organizing and assembling dramaturgical materials for rehearsal; script reading and evaluation; attending local productions on behalf of the Artistic Department; assisting the Director of New Work in the logging, tracking, and processing of scripts; Support informal and public readings; research, suggest, and moderate talks with guest speakers and writing articles for Huntington publications.

  • Costumes

Support for daily tasks of the Costume Department including sewing, crafts work, stock maintenance, show shopping, running wardrobe track during a performance, general shop maintenance, and organization. Will observe and participate as needed in fittings, dress rehearsals, and take part in the shop specification session for each show with the costume designer. The successful candidate may also assist the Costume Director in the planning of a build, from budget, schedule and workflow plan. They might work with the Assistant Costume Director to procure and organize the productions wardrobe or support the Design Assistant in their work directly with the designers.

  •  Development

Provides administrative support to the Development Department including mailings, research, and special events for the purpose of fundraising, donor development, securing grants and special events planning.

  • Lighting/Electrics

Assist the Lighting Department in preparing and installing productions and special events. Work with the Design Assistant by learning scripts and lighting plots before load in, assisting with drafting, focus, note taking, production meetings, and cue adjustments. Work with the Electrics team on show prep, hang, focus, & strike calls, tracking work notes, updating paperwork, and equipment maintenance.

  • Marketing

The Marketing Apprentice will assist in all aspects of Marketing operations, ideally with a specialty in copywriting and editing. Depending on the candidate’s skill set and interests, there will be opportunities to assist and support the Graphic Designer with the creation of assets and graphics, the Digital Marketing Coordinator with the creation of emails and updating the website, and the Community Engagement Manager with the planning and execution of events and strategies to diversify our audiences.

  • Production Management

Assists the production management team in keeping an eye on the Big Picture, including production scheduling, facility usage, script evaluation, project planning and everything else that no one other department can accomplish. The production office is key in keeping the lines of communication open, catching problems before they develop, and attending to the needs of designers and staff alike. Will gain experience in many areas and the successful candidate should leave us with a broad knowledge of each department, their needs, and an understanding of how the parts contribute to the whole.

  • Props

Supports all daily operations of the Properties Department.  Props responsibilities would include assisting in all aspects of acquisition, creation, construction, and maintenance of props.

  • Sound

The Sound Department Apprentice will work with the staff as they work with visiting Sound Designers and Composers (the “Design Team”) to realize their work on stage.  This work begins with pre-production conversations with the Design Team.  Then the issues, problems, and/or special requests made by the Design Team need to be addressed and resolved by the Staff in collaboration with the other Production Departments.  Finally, the Staff works to install, rehearse, and open the production. In addition to these production specific tasks, the Apprentice will get exposure to the workings of the Department concerning budgeting, Operations planning, and equipment maintenance.

  • Scenery

Under the supervision of the Scene Shop Supervisor and Technical Directors, the apprentice will work-hands on in the scene shop to fabricate, assemble, load-in, and strike scenery for all Huntington productions.  The apprentice can expect to broaden, develop, and refine their skills and knowledge in scenic construction by working alongside a team of eight full-time scenic carpenters, and will gain experience using stationary and hand power tools commonly used in wood and metal fabrication.  Exposure to theatrical rigging techniques, stage machinery and automation, CNC programming, technical drafting, and other scenery operations is possible depending on production needs and apprentice interests.  The apprentice may serve as run crew for one or more shows depending on the needs of the season.

  • Scenic Art

Apprentices will participate hands on with the paint department which is responsible for finishing the scenery, based on the approved design.  Responsibilities will include painting, color mixing, layout, maintaining supplies, equipment and facilities of the shop and storage areas.  Apprentices learn historical and industry standards of process and communication and how to create samples for each designed finish. Gain experience with a variety of surfaces such as, wood, metal, foam, fabric and plastic, as well as familiarity with different grades of brushes, rollers, and sprayers. Please provide photos of any applicable work or any artwork that you have created.

  • Stage Management

Observe the Huntington’s team approach to stage management, as well as the collaboration of resident and guest artists; assist stage managers throughout the production process, beginning with pre-rehearsal preparations and continuing through technical rehearsals and opening night. The  apprentice may run shows and/or work with the Production department when there are no productions in rehearsal.

Why The Huntington?


Huntington Apprentices will participate as staff members within their designated departments.  For example, Scenery apprentices may work on budgeting and purchasing, as well as set construction and load-in. Producing and Literary apprentices may assist with local casting calls, or read and evaluate scripts, and write articles for Huntington publications. Responsibilities for all apprentices will include some administrative work, integral to the operation of each department. Apprentices will also be included in department and full staff meetings. Apprentices are supported and encouraged to explore cross-departmental projects, drawing from the collective knowledge and resources of the Huntington artistic community. Supervisors are committed to their role as mentor and the formal assessment and evaluation process provides an opportunity for both apprentices and their supervisors to formulate meaningful goals and objectives for the program and their time at the Huntington.



In addition to their specialized training, apprentices will gain additional insight into the various departments at the Huntington. Apprentices are expected to participate company events, from Opening Night parties to company-wide play readings.  Involvement in these activities will offer apprentices to interact with staff members across departments, Board Members, subscribers, and the larger Huntington community.



Apprentices at the Huntington will have the opportunity to make meaningful, professional connections within the industry, interact personally with nationally renowned artists, and become important contributors to the Huntington community. In addition to Apprentice Lunch & Learn meetings, they will also have the opportunity to work together on several exciting team projects throughout the season. Past projects have included the annual Gala, Codman Showcase, and 35 Below program. Additionally, the city of Boston has a rich and vibrant cultural scene and apprentices are encouraged to forge additional connections within the Greater Boston arts community.


We are no longer accepting applications at this time.