What is living in Boston like?

Boston is a vibrant city with activities for everyone. We’re also home to the most college students in the nation — over 250,000 while school is in session--leading to an exciting young adult scene! You’ll find restaurants of every variety, lots of bars and clubs, and other performance venues for theatre, music and dance. We often offer Huntington employees (and as an apprentice, you will be treated as an employee) free or discounted admission to over 30 local cultural attractions, such as the ICA, MFA, and Science Museum. Good resources for city life are and

Do I need a car?

A car could be a nice to have. Particularly for the Props, Scenery, and Scenic Painting apprentices who will primarily work out of our new shop facility which is located just north of Boston.

What about Public Transportation?

Boston has a good public transit system called the MBTA, or “T” for short, and our theatres are close to T stations. If you choose to have a car, please keep in mind that parking can be challenging and expensive in Boston. Roads are quite confusing. 

Does the Huntington provide housing?

No. The Huntington does not provide housing.

Is there pay involved?

Apprentices receive $13.50 per hour (up to 40 hours and are compensated overtime after that).  However, it may not be enough to cover living expenses in Boston. For administrative apprentices, additional Box Office or Front of House jobs may be arranged on your off hours. We strongly suggest that you carefully consider your financial needs for the Apprenticeship program. Apprentices are offered the option of health, dental, retirement planning benefit, and a transit pass at a pre-tax basis, as well as free tickets to all productions. 

What would my hours be?

Apprentices should expect a 35-40 hour week on average, but hours vary by department and depending on performance cycle. This may include days, evenings, and weekends.  For instance, apprentices in Development will be expected to work additional hours leading up to our annual gala, while apprentices in Scenery will be required to participate in each show’s weekend strike. Most of the apprentices in the production areas will be on at least 2 run crews during the season which requires night and weekend hours. If you have specific questions about the Apprenticeship for which you are applying, please ask the department manager if you are called for an interview.

With what kinds of projects would I be involved?

Some of everything. There may be some administrative work too (such as copying and filing) -- we all have to do that -- but apprentices will be integral parts of each department. You will primarily be involved in the work of the department--building sets, contacting donors, etc. You will be part of company and department meetings and have independent responsibilities.

Do you have directing or acting Apprenticeships?

We do not offer acting or directing Apprenticeships.

Will I be exposed to other departments?

Yes! Apprentices will have monthly gatherings, as well as plenty of opportunity to meet informally. Apprentices also participate in monthly Lunches, which feature guests from within the Huntington explaining their paths in the industry as they try to engage the apprentices to find out what their goals are. Just like other staff members, apprentices are invited to our All Staff meetings, encouraged to join the 35 Below program, receive free tickets to all of our productions, and are encouraged to attend Opening Night parties. 

Whom should I ask for my letters of recommendation?

You should ask people who know you and your work. Professors, directors, and supervisors are good choices. These individuals may send the recommendations directly to

Do I need to include a writing sample?

Development, Marketing & Literary and only require writing samples.  Development and Marketing have a very broad category of what they will accept. However, Literary is looking for avery specific writing samples. Please click on the description of them to familiarize yourself before you apply.  Education applicants will be asked to submit sample curriculum later in the process.

Should I send a portfolio with my application?

No. We cannot return any application materials, so please do not send a printed portfolio.  If we contact you for an interview, we may request that you bring a portfolio at that time.

I’ve sent my application.  What happens now?

You will receive an email to confirm that your application has been received. Some apprenticeship searches are quicker than others.  We will contact prospective Apprentices for an interview in person, over the phone, or skype. We unfortunately do not have the resources to grant an interview to every applicant. Final decisions will be made on a rolling basis after April 1, but all decisions will be made by early May. If we are not able to offer you an apprenticeship, you will receive an email by mid-May.

What if I need to move to Boston?

We will help you with advice for instance like on which neighborhoods to target for your search. Often at least half of the apprentices each year are relocating so we can get you in touch with the apprentices to look for apartments together if you so wish.

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