Searing, smart, and REALLY, REALLY FUNNY! Boston Herald
Ferociously funny! An engrossing, deftly plotted, and sharp-witted new play. The New York Times

Huntington Artistic Director Peter DuBois brings his latest New York smash hit to Boston in this wickedly funny comedy about a blind date gone bad written by Gina Gionfriddo (After Ashley, writer/producer of “Law & Order”). When a newly married couple fixes up two romantically challenged friends, crisis and comedy ensue in this hilarious new play that asks what we owe the people we love the most and the strangers who land on our doorstep. A 2009 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Contains adult language.


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  • On Becky Shaw

    For every production at the Huntington, we make a resource packet filled with images and information to help the actors and director develop their take on the play. We found some of the sources we gathered for Becky Shaw so entertaining, we thought we would share them with you.


  • Becky Shaw: What's In A Name?

    Don’t be surprised if the title character in Becky Shaw seems familiar; she’s the girl that, whether intentionally or not, manages to find herself in the eye of the storm.


  • "The Stranger and The Beggar Are From Zeus"

    In Gina Gionfriddo’s Becky Shaw, Suzanna sets her best friend Max up on a blind date with one of her husband’s coworkers. That night, she invites them both over for a drink to break the ice. As they arrive, she has some distant reminder of a term she may have learned in an undergrad classics seminar – the Greek concept of xenia.


  • Razor-Sharp Wit: Gina Gionfriddo's Comic Heart

    “There are a lot of nasty things people would like to say to each other,” writer Gina Gionfriddo says, referring to her characters. “Their way of doing this without getting punched or looking like a jerk is saying them as a joke. But, after you finish laughing, you realize, ‘Oh. They probably meant that.’”


  • Interview with Playwright Gina Gionfriddo

    The following interview was conducted by Walter Bilderback, Dramaturg/Literary Manager of the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • Collaborators in Conversation

    This season at the Huntington, we are telling seven distinct American stories. To tease out the connections between the shows, we’ve asked artists from different productions to interview each other about their work. Below, playwright Gina Gionfriddo (Becky Shaw) talks with Kirsten Greenidge, Huntington Playwriting Fellow.


Press Reviews

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"FEROCIOUSLY FUNNY! A tangled tale of love, sex, and ethics. A big box of fireworks fizzing and crackling across the stage. It's a corker of a new play." — The New York Times
"SEARING, SMART, AND REALLY, REALLY FUNNY! Gina Gionfriddo's one-liners pop like rockets! A comedy so sharp you don't even notice the blade slipping until it's pierced you to the bone. A comedy of manners for moderns. It's clear why Becky Shaw was up for a Pulitzer. It will go down nicely with a stiff drink." — Boston Herald
"OUTRAGEOUSLY AND BRILLIANTLY FUNNY! A tour-de-force masterfully handled by a killer cast. We leapt to our feet at curtain, me with the thought of when, and how soon I could see it again!" — Joyce Kulhawik
"IRRESISTIBLE! WE LAUGH, AND OFTEN! Director Peter DuBois brings a polished production that shows off the play's pointed humor." — The Boston Globe
"Gina Gionfriddo is some kind of GENIUS!" — Variety
"5 STARS! This may be the funniest play of the season!" — Time Out New York
"A lacerating comedy about morals, marriage, and social mores gone sour." — American Theatre
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  • Peter DuBois brings his Off-Broadway hit to Boston

    From Wicked Local, March 5, 2010: "The room isn’t much to look at — a neglected space, decorated in an Early Hobo motif, with just a few posters from past Huntington Theatre shows hung haphazardly on the walls. . . "
  • Huntington Brings Becky Shaw to Boston

    From BU Today, March 3, 2010: "'Becky Shaw is a human Rorschach test,' says Peter DuBois, who likens the play to inkblots psychologists use to decipher their patients’ personalities. . . "
  • Human Behavior in All Its Messy Glory

    From The New York Times, February 3, 2009: "The discovery that someone in your life is not as clearly defined as you once believed can be an illuminating, unnerving or disorienting experience. . . "
  • Onstage, Tackling Ambition and Crime

    From The New York Times, December 29, 2008: "'Serial killers are really not that interesting,' Gina Gionfriddo remarked matter-of-factly. . . "


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