Love's Labour's Lost tells the tales of the King of Navarre who, along with his three young lords, takes a three-year oath of chastity that preludes them from seeing or visiting women, in order to focus on their academic studies. Their oaths are tested almost immediately by the unannounced visit of the Princess of France and her three beautiful ladies-in-waiting. Covert meetings, misdirected love notes, and battles of wits ensue as the men try hilariously to keep their promise.


  • Kieran CampionFerdinand
  • James McMenaminLongaville
  • Eric AndersonDumaine
  • Peter ZachariDull
  • Tommy SchriderCostard
  • Jeremy BeckMoth
  • Elisa BocanegraJaquenetta
  • Neil A. CaseyBoyet
  • Mia BarronThe Princess of France
  • Krystal RowleyMaria
  • Rachel RuschKatharine
  • Zabryna GuevaraRosaline
  • Bill MootosSir Nathaniel
  • Robert Jason JacksonHolofernes
  • James J. Fouhey, Jr.Marcade
  • Robert MolliconePianist
  • Tala AshrafiServant
  • Jeremy Michael CohnServant
  • Jacob GreenServant
  • Matt PetersonServant
  • Heather RushServant
  • William ShakespearePlaywright
  • Michael FriedmanOriginal Music

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