"There is no more endearing character portrayal on-stage!"- The New York Times
"You will not want to miss this charming play; to miss White's performance would be unforgivable."- New York Magazine

Restaurant manager and shoe connoisseur Hayley Walker, played by Julie White ("Six Feet Under"), is re-entering the dating scene — that bizarre social ritual between men and women that is the basis for the continuation of the human species. But as revealed in Bad Dates, the road to co-bahitation is a bumpy one. From the privacy of her bedroom where she prepares for or unwinds from her dates, Hayley relates a serious of hilarious tales from her colorful experiences.


  • Julie WhiteHaley
  • Theresa RebeckPlaywright
  • John Benjamin HickeyDirector
  • Derek McLaneScenic Design
  • Mattie UllrichCostume Design
  • Bruce EllmanSound Design

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