Mary Zimmerman, the nationally-acclaimed theatre artist who adapted and directed the 1996-97 season's captivating epic Journey to the West, returns to direct Shakespeare's most endearing comedy. "What fools these mortals be," exclaims the fairy Puck, commenting on the escapades of mismatches lovers in Shakespeare's beloved romantic fantasia. A Midsummer Night's Dreams is the perfect elixir to life the winter doldrums and warm the January heart.


  • John WojdaTheseus / Oberon
  • Francesca FaridanyHippolyta / Titania
  • Christopher DonahueEgeus
  • Meredith ZinnerHermia
  • Kevin DanielsDemetrius
  • Michael MedicoLysander
  • Sarah RaffertyHelena
  • Larry PaulsenPeter Quince
  • Jesse WeaverFrancis Flute / Thisby
  • Paul KerryRobin Starveling / Moonshine
  • Robert SaoudTom Snout / Wall
  • Everett O'NeilSnug / Lion
  • Doug HaraPuck, or Robin Goodfellow
  • Kirstin Showalter HaraFairy
  • Eliza FichterMoth
  • Morgan Newell NevinsMoth
  • Joanna Noelle LevesqueMustardseed
  • Michela Anne PothierMustardseed
  • Whitney M. RobertsCobweb
  • Alyssa K. YearwoodCobweb
  • Stephanie J. SchaperoPeaseblossom
  • William ShakespearePlaywright
  • Scott ZielinskiLighting Design

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