"Ain't it something? Being alive I mean! Ain't it really quite a great thing at that?"

Celebrate Spring Training with the Huntington as we present the first major stage production of Bang the Drum Slowly. This humorous and moving novel of baseball in a simpler age has been newly adapted for the stage and will be directed by Tony Award nominee Eric Simonson.

A classic American story, Bang the Drum Slowly brings us along on an extraordinary road trip with the New York Mammoths, a fictional baseball team in the 1950s. As in any season, the goal is to reach the World Series. But this is a season with a difference. Star pitcher Henry Wiggens learns that his roomate has a secret that he must protect. Henry's struggle to be true to his friend as well as his team is both funny and heartwarming; the lessons he and the Mammoths discover about friendship, loyalty, and compassion in the highly competitive world of professional athletics will delight and inspire you.


  • David NewHenry "Author" Wiggen
  • Catherine DentHolly Wiggen / Patricia Moors
  • Paul SandbergBruce Pearson
  • Jerry Grayson"Dutch" Schnell
  • Eric Winzenried"Ugly" Jones / Dr. Clark
  • Michael GlumicichSid Goldman
  • Bill Geisslinger"Goose" Williams / Lester T. Moors / Dr. Thorsen
  • Larry John MeyersJoe Jaros / Detective Rogers / Dr. Rosenthal
  • John Haynes Walker"Horse" Bird / Bradley Lord
  • David Van PeltPiney Woods / Aleck Olsen / Waiter
  • Anthony Diaz-PerezGeorge Gonzales / Alf
  • Dennis RodriguezRoberto Diego
  • Michael WigginsPerry Simpson / Lionel
  • Raphael PeacockJonah Brooks
  • Pamela GrayKatie / Mrs. Pearson / Lawyer
  • Carlos CarrerasWaiter #2
  • Mark HarrisAuthor
  • James Leonard JoyScenic Design
  • Susan E. MickeyCostume Design
  • Rita PietraszekLighting Design

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